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Top 10 Tips for Getting Around in Asheville on Vacation 


Hello fellow travelers! It’s Rose, your go-to budget travel expert from, bringing you the most stylish yet affordable travel experiences. Today, I’m thrilled to share some spectacular insights on getting around in Asheville without breaking the bank. Asheville, known for its vibrant arts scene and historic architecture, is a jewel waiting to be discovered, and I’m here to guide you on how to explore its richness with flair and style, without overspending!

1. Navigating Through Asheville: Affordable Public Transits

Asheville has a friendly and cost-effective public transportation system that can save you some bucks while exploring the town. But don’t worry, we won’t be hopping on any regular old buses! The Asheville Transit App provides real-time updates, allowing you to navigate through the city efficiently.

Bus Routes: Explore numerous routes reaching every corner of Asheville.

Fare Costs: Extremely affordable at around $1.50 (USD) per ride.

Transit App Features: Real-time updates, route details, and time schedules.

Personal Glimpse:

I remember catching the transit just in time to visit the renowned Biltmore Estate. The app was a lifesaver, helping me get there swiftly, avoiding the usual tourist hassles, and leaving me with more time to explore the charming antique décor and lush gardens.

2. Cruise with Style: Budget-friendly Car & Bike Rentals


If you prefer having your own set of wheels, Asheville offers affordable rental services that won’t strain your wallet. With companies like Enterprise offering car rentals starting at $35 per day, exploring the city has never been more convenient and economical.

Reliable Rentals: Opt for Enterprise or Budget for well-priced car rentals.

Biking Exploration: Rent a bike for approximately $25–$40 a day and breeze through Asheville’s scenic routes.

Variety Choices: Choose from a range of vehicles and bicycles to suit your style and needs.

Local Whisper:

For those looking for a local touch, Carolina Rent-a-Car is a popular choice among the locals, known for its excellent service and competitive pricing.

3. Scenic Wonders: Explore Asheville’s Scenic Routes by Foot or Bike

Walking or cycling can be the most rewarding and economical ways to delve into Asheville’s scenic beauty. And worry not, I’ll let you in on the most beautiful and safe places to stroll and cycle, where every turn holds a new surprise.

Walkable Marvels: Downtown Asheville and the River Arts District are havens for pedestrians.

Cycling Paradise: The French Broad River Greenway offers stunning views and smooth paths for cyclists.

Safety First: Always remain aware of your surroundings, and keep to well-lit and populated areas.

4. Sweet Dreams on a Budget: Comfortable and Affordable Stays

In Asheville, elegant and economical boutique accommodations are not a dream. Places like the Haywood Park Hotel and Hotel Indigo offer the quintessence of luxury and comfort without the hefty price tag.

Haywood Park Hotel: Located in the heart of Asheville, offers rooms starting at $180 per night, boasting opulent interiors and top-notch amenities.

Hotel Indigo: With prices starting around $160 per night, this hotel provides a harmonious blend of modern design and comfort, located conveniently near Asheville’s main attractions.

Special Features: Both hotels have unique decor, comfy beds, excellent service, and are centrally located, offering easy access to the city’s treasures.

Special Nest:

If you’re looking for something more quaint and intimate, The Beaufort House Inn, starting at $170 per night, offers Victorian elegance with modern amenities. It’s like stepping back in time, but with Wi-Fi!

5. Savoring Asheville: Dine in Hidden Gems

Asheville’s dining scene is a culinary treasure trove, offering exquisite tastes without the extravagant prices. The Early Girl Eatery and Tupelo Honey serve mouthwatering dishes that reflect the soul of Asheville’s cuisine.

Early Girl Eatery: Enjoy Southern comfort food with an innovative twist, with meals averaging around $10-$15.

Tupelo Honey: Experience the essence of Southern cooking with fresh, high-quality ingredients with dishes ranging from $12-$20.

Unique Flavors: Each restaurant presents distinctive dishes made with local ingredients, showcasing Asheville’s gastronomic diversity.

Local Flavor Alert:

Nine Mile is a hidden gem, loved by locals, where you can savor Caribbean-inspired dishes. The flavors are vibrant, the vibes are relaxed, and the prices are wallet-friendly, with meals around $10-$18.

6. Affordable Excitement: Experience Asheville’s Attractions on a Shoestring


Asheville is brimming with affordable and unique activities that offer memorable experiences without draining your funds. The Asheville Art Museum and the North Carolina Arboretum are just a couple of the enchanting places you can explore without spending a fortune.

Asheville Art Museum: For a mere $15, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of American art, depicting the cultural and creative spirit of the region.

North Carolina Arboretum: Wander through the mesmerizing gardens for only $16, and explore the lush landscapes and intricate botanical designs.

Unique Experiences: Each place holds its unique charm and offers different perspectives of Asheville’s cultural and natural beauty.

7. Asheville on a Dime: Stretch Your Budget with Smart Choices

While Asheville is a treasure trove of experiences, being a little savvy with your choices can stretch your budget even further. From discount cards to cheap but delicious eats, Asheville offers a myriad of ways to save.

Discount Cards: Asheville’s Tourist Card offers discounts at a variety of locations, maximizing your savings.

Smart Dining: Opt for places like White Duck Taco Shop, where flavor meets value, with tacos around $3.75 each.

Free Ventures: Explore the Blue Ridge Parkway for breathtaking views and photo ops, without spending a penny!

Smart Tip:

When dining, ask the locals about daily specials or off-menu items. They’re often delicious, unique, and offer more bang for your buck!

8. Journey Safely: Stay Secure while Exploring Asheville

When you’re immersed in the enchantment of Asheville, it’s important to stay safe and be prepared for any unexpected situations. Knowing some local safety tips and emergency contacts can make your journey smoother and more enjoyable.

Emergency Contacts: Keep local emergency numbers, like 911 for immediate assistance, readily available.

Safety Practices: Stay in well-populated and well-lit areas, especially during the evening, and keep your belongings secure.

Be Informed: Stay updated on local news and be aware of any events or situations that might impact your travel.

A Moment of Caution:

During a stroll in the eclectic River Arts District, I noticed a commotion and decided to avoid the area and change my plans. Staying informed and being flexible can sometimes be your best safety tools.

9. A Stylish Farewell: Concluding Your Asheville Journey

As we wrap up our stylish yet affordable Asheville adventure, remember, traveling with elegance doesn’t have to be expensive. From picturesque walks and unique culinary delights to cozy stays and exciting attractions, Asheville offers a plethora of experiences tailored for the budget-savvy traveler.

10. Share & Connect: Engage with Fellow Travelers

After exploring the charming corners of Asheville, share your tales and hear from fellow travelers. Exchange tips, insights, and recommendations, enriching your travel experience and making new friends along the way.

Community Insights: Engage in conversations with locals and other travelers, discovering hidden gems and local favorites.

Online Platforms: Join travel forums and social media groups, where travelers share their Asheville experiences and recommendations.

Stay Connected: Keep in touch with the people you meet, creating a network of like-minded travelers and perhaps planning future adventures together!

Travel Smart: Utilize Apps and Resources


To make the most out of your stylish Asheville adventure, leverage various travel apps and online resources to find the best deals and local secrets. They can help you navigate, save, and experience more!

Deal Finders: Use apps like Skyscanner and Kayak to find the best flight deals to Asheville.

Local Insights: Platforms like TripAdvisor and Yelp can offer local reviews and recommendations for restaurants, attractions, and accommodations.

Navigation Aids: Google Maps and Waze are lifesavers when exploring unfamiliar territories, helping you find the quickest and safest routes around Asheville.

Techie Tip:

By effectively using travel apps and websites, I’ve uncovered unbelievable deals and local favorites that weren’t on any travel guides. They’ve turned my trips into treasure hunts, with discoveries around every corner!

Indulge in Festivities: Experience Local Events and Festivals

Asheville is renowned for its lively atmosphere and diverse cultural events. From music festivals to art exhibitions, there’s always something happening in the city. And the best part? Many of these events are free or very affordable!

Artistic Endeavors: Keep an eye out for local art shows and gallery openings, where you can experience Asheville’s creative spirit.

Musical Vibes: Discover local music festivals and concerts showcasing a variety of genres, often set in picturesque locations around the city.

Cultural Celebrations: Participate in local traditions and festivities, immersing yourself in Asheville’s vibrant culture.

Festive Find:

I stumbled upon a local jazz festival while wandering around the city. It was a spontaneous musical delight, adding an unexpected and joyful rhythm to my Asheville journey.

Shop Smart: Find Unique Souvenirs without the Price Tag

Asheville’s diverse marketplaces offer unique and affordable souvenirs. From handcrafted goods to local artworks, finding a special memento without stretching your budget is a delightful possibility.

Local Markets: Explore local flea markets and artisan fairs for one-of-a-kind, budget-friendly finds.

Boutique Shops: Discover charming local shops offering unique items that reflect Asheville’s eclectic spirit.

Negotiate Wisely: Don’t shy away from haggling. It’s a dance of words that can lead to surprising discounts!

Savvy Shopper Reminder:

Remember, the value of a souvenir is in its uniqueness and the story it tells, not in its price tag. Find something that resonates with you and holds a piece of Asheville’s spirit!

FAQ Section

Q: Can I get around Asheville without renting a car?

Absolutely! Asheville offers a range of transport options like affordable rentals, Uber, Lyft, and even pedicabs. Biking or walking can also be a delightful and economical way to explore the city, especially in pedestrian-friendly areas like Downtown Asheville.

Q: Are there budget-friendly boutique accommodations in Asheville?

Yes, Asheville has several boutique accommodations that are comfortable and budget-friendly. Places like Hotel Indigo and Haywood Park Hotel offer stylish stays without the luxury price tag.

Q: How can I experience Asheville’s culinary scene on a budget?

To experience Asheville’s rich culinary scene on a budget, opt for local eateries over tourist hotspots, dine during lunch hours, and look out for daily specials and discounts.

Q: Is Asheville safe for solo travelers?

Asheville is generally safe for solo travelers. However, it’s always wise to stay in well-populated areas, especially during the night, and keep your belongings secure.

Q: Can I enjoy Asheville’s nightlife without spending a lot?

Absolutely! Asheville has a diverse nightlife with plenty of budget-friendly options. Look for places with no or low cover charges, and take advantage of happy hours and drink specials.

The Final Touch


I hope you found these tips helpful in planning your classy and budget-friendly Asheville adventure. Remember, the world is filled with hidden gems waiting to be discovered without costing a fortune. Let’s continue our quest for affordable elegance together! 

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Happy Travels! 

– Rose

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