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Top 10 Things to Do in Asheville: A Budget Traveler's Guide


Hey there fellow travelers! It’s Rose here, your go-to budget travel expert from Today, I am extremely excited to guide you through one of my favorite destinations, the vibrant city of Asheville, renowned for its eclectic art scene, historic architecture, and stunning natural beauty.

I remember my first trip to Asheville, it was a spontaneous decision, driven by stories of its affordable attractions and unique culinary experiences. What struck me the most was not just the affordable prices, but the warmth of the locals and the countless hidden gems the city houses. So, pack your bags and let’s embark on this journey to explore affordable yet unforgettable experiences in Asheville!

1. Cozy up in Quaint Inns

One place that still lingers in my mind is the Charming Asheville Inn. For around $80 a night, I was treated to a comfortable stay, enriched with the local flavor and personalized touches. The decor radiated a unique blend of traditional and modern aesthetics, making it a haven for those seeking something more than the usual.

Another delightful spot is The Artful Escape Inn. For approximately $95 a night, it offers a colorful abode, reflecting Asheville’s vibrant art scene, ensuring a cozy and enriching stay.

2. Wake up in Budget-Friendly B&Bs


If you are like me and love the charm of Bed and Breakfasts, The Sunny Side B&B is a fabulous choice. With rooms starting at $70, it offers a homey atmosphere, delicious breakfast, and is a stone’s throw away from Asheville’s main attractions.

The Homely Haven B&B is another delightful option, providing cozy rooms for around $75, with delicious local cuisine to kickstart your day in Asheville!

3. Relish in Culinary Wonders

Asheville’s food scene is a culinary treasure, offering unique and affordable dining experiences. The Rustic Table, is a culinary gem where I indulged in delicious, local flavors for around $15-$20 a meal. Their truffle fries and BBQ chicken are must-tries!

For those street-food lovers, Local Flavor Street Eats is your go-to. I remember savoring the most delicious tacos and empanadas for merely $5-$10, it was a feast without breaking the bank!

4. Dive into Street Food Delights

For the street-food aficionados, Asheville has Culinary Street Bites offering a variety of delicious eats, from tacos to hot dogs, all under $10, making it a paradise for those seeking flavors on a budget!

I cannot help but reminisce about the delightful empanada I had there, a fusion of flavors, encapsulated in a crispy layer, all for just $5!

5. Revel in Scenic Splendors

Nature lovers will find solace in the enchanting landscapes of Asheville. I was completely smitten by the beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway, known as “America’s Favorite Drive”. The picturesque views and vibrant flora made every moment memorable, and guess what? It’s absolutely free!

Then there’s the Botanical Gardens at Asheville, a sanctuary of tranquility and diverse plant life, also with no admission fee. I could feel the stress melting away as I meandered through the lush greenery.

6. Step into History and Culture

Asheville’s rich history and cultural heritage are preserved in its numerous museums and galleries, many of which are surprisingly affordable. The Asheville Art Museum, with a modest $15 entry fee, houses a fascinating collection of 20th and 21st-century American art.

For history buffs, The Smith-McDowell House Museum is a must-visit. For just $10, you can delve into the life of the 19th-century locals and the architectural brilliance of Asheville’s oldest surviving house.

7. Master the Art of Smart Travel


Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean compromising on experience. I always opt for walking tours, like those offered by Asheville Historic Walking Tours, priced at around $20, to immerse myself in the local atmosphere and learn about the city’s illustrious past.

And don’t miss out on the city’s discount cards, like the Asheville Tourist Card, providing significant savings on various attractions, dining, and shopping spots around the city.

8. Embark on Affordable Exploration

To make the most out of your Asheville journey, explore discounted tour options such as those provided by Budget Asheville Tours. I remember paying around $30 for a comprehensive city tour, covering all the major attractions and some hidden gems.

9. Discover Asheville’s Hidden Treasures

Asheville is brimming with secret spots known mostly to locals. Mystic Mountain is one such place, a serene getaway offering breathtaking views and, surprisingly, it’s not crowded with tourists. It’s free, but the experience is priceless!

Another secret haven is Whispering Winds Alley, a quaint, charming street lined with vintage shops and cozy cafes, offering unique finds and delicious bites without burning a hole in your pocket.

10. Shop at Unique, Affordable Spots

Shopping in Asheville is an experience in itself, with numerous local shops offering unique, affordable goods. Bohemian Bazaar was a treasure trove where I found eclectic, handmade jewelry and vibrant, chic clothing, all reasonably priced between $10-$50.

Another fabulous spot is Artisan’s Alley, offering a variety of locally crafted goods, from pottery to paintings, with prices ranging from $15-$75, ensuring you take a piece of Asheville back home without breaking the bank!

Your Essential Travel Companions

To enhance your Asheville experience, I swear by a few apps and websites that have been absolute lifesavers. Asheville Traveler App is a comprehensive guide, offering detailed information on local attractions, dining, and accommodation options.

The website is another valuable resource, providing insights into the latest deals, discounts, and affordable activities in the city. I could plan my itinerary effectively, ensuring a hassle-free, budget-friendly trip.

Insider Tips to Navigating Asheville


While Asheville is a treasure trove of affordable delights, knowing a few insider tips can make your journey even more seamless and rewarding.

1. Affordable Event Tickets

To experience Asheville’s vibrant arts scene without spending a fortune, check out local websites like Here, I’ve scored tickets to wonderful live performances and art shows for less than $20!

2. Savoring Local Brews

Asheville is renowned for its craft beer scene. Visit Hoppy Town Brewery during their happy hours, where you can sample a variety of local brews for as low as $5! I remember the delightful array of flavors I encountered, each telling a story of Asheville’s rich brewing culture.

3. Economical Car Rentals

Save-A-Lot Rentals is my go-to for economical car rentals. With prices as low as $25 per day, it has made exploring Asheville’s outskirts both convenient and budget-friendly.

4. Early Bird Specials

Many of Asheville’s eateries offer Early Bird Specials. Morning Delight Diner has fabulous deals between 7-9 AM, where you can enjoy a hearty breakfast for around $10, ensuring you start your day on a delicious note!

FAQ Section

Q: How can I find affordable dining options in Asheville?

A: Look out for local eateries offering daily specials and consider dining during early hours to avail Early Bird Specials. Apps like Asheville Eats provide up-to-date info on affordable dining spots.

Q: Can I explore Asheville’s attractions on a tight budget?

A: Absolutely! Many attractions in Asheville are free or have minimal entrance fees. Utilize resources like to stay informed about the latest deals and discounts.

Q: Is it possible to find cheap accommodation without compromising comfort?

A: Yes! Opt for boutique inns or budget-friendly B&Bs, like The Artful Escape Inn or The Sunny Side B&B, which offer comfort at reasonable prices.

Q: How do I get around Asheville affordably?

A: Consider economical car rentals, walking tours, and bike rentals. Companies like Save-A-Lot Rentals offer affordable car rental options to explore the city and its outskirts.

Conclusion: Asheville Awaits!


There you have it, my fellow budget explorers! Asheville, with its myriad of affordable experiences, scenic splendors, culinary delights, and cultural richness, promises a memorable journey. Whether it’s the eclectic shops, the historical treasures, the tranquil natural spots, or the vibrant food scene, Asheville offers high-style travel experiences that are both accessible and exciting.

Remember, the charm of Asheville lies not just in its attractions but in its spirit, its people, and its hidden gems waiting to be discovered. So why wait? Embark on this exhilarating journey and uncover the affordable charms of this wonderful city.

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Happy Travels! 

– Rose

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